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Western Missouri Basset Rescue, Inc. (WMBRI), is a not-for-profit volunteer organization.  We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of relinquished, abandoned, neglected or abused Basset Hounds in greater Kansas City  and outlying areas. WMBRI takes ownership of basset hounds that are relinquished from previous owners, animal shelters, humane societies, puppy mills, and animal welfare agencies. WMBRI provides these Basset Hounds with medical care, food, shelter, and safety in foster homes, until they find permanent loving homes.

WMBRI evaluates the temperament of each dog that comes into their care.  If any hound displays a temperament that is unacceptable, WMBRI will rehabilitate the dog  in order to prepare it for a successful adoption.

WMBRI seeks prospective adopters by advertising on their webpage; word of mouth; at public events; and on Petfinder at PetFinder.com We evaluate each prospective adopter to determine their preparedness for adopting a Basset Hound. Once an applicant is approved and matched with an appropriate basset hound, WMBRI  transfers ownership of the dog to the approved adopter and provides them with continuing support and education throughout the life of the Basset Hound.

WMBRI also provides education to the general public on the basic care, training, characteristics and traits of their canine companions, in particular those of the Basset Hound Breed. 

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