" Bassets are always on the move to free their yards from squirrel, mole, bird and rabbit terrorists. Get these Greeting cards showing Bassets in action against varmint invasions."

The seven featured cards show PBF personnel

--in an Amphibious Assault Vehicle training to repel attacks from Squirrelistan

--in the nose of the Feet's B-17 bomber returning from an arduous mission

--in the Feet battleship's sleeping quarters

--returning to port aboard the hospital ship Comfort

--waiting to be served in the Navy Mess Hall located on the first floor of the White House

--warming up and doing a sound check prior a USO performance

--relaxing on deck and getting some fresh sea air on the submarine BHS Hunglo

Details are at the left.

Orders may be placed using a credit card on the WMBRI web site using PayPal. Scroll down to toward the bottom of the page to reach the PayPal button and click once. At the top of the page, type "PBF Cards" in the description box and the correct dollar amount for the number of card packs plus shipping being ordered in the next box. In the "Comments" box, type in the type (10 or 14) and number of each pack being ordered.

Feet greeting cards may also be ordered with check by contacting Chris Bly of Western Missouri Basset Rescue. Email your name and address and the number of greeting card packs desired to Chris, and then mail a check payable to WMBRI to

P.O. Box 9434
Raytown, Missouri 64133